External Infrared Illuminator LunaVision 940 Kit (LED model)


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LunaVision 940 specs


Is the performance of your current night vision not ideal ? Are you still being spotted by wild life ? Are you ready to improve your game? Well then, we have some good news for you.

Our new LED IR illuminator Luna 940, thanks to which the range and display quality of your night vision will significantly increase.

Our invisible IR illuminator Luna 940 is assembled from the highest quality components. Built with original German chip – OSRAM, thanks to which the Luna 940 light has one of the best specs among IR lights on the market!

Thanks to the wavelength of 940 nm, it is invisible to animals and the human eye. The advantage of IR illuminator is the continuous adjustment of the power and capability of centering of the beam horizontally and vertically.



  • rotary switch with different intensity settings
  • possibility to adjust the beam width (zoom function)
  • by rotating the backlight reflector
  • illumination with the most modern OSRAM chip (performance is approx. 5.5 times higher than Pulsar 940)
  • thanks to the use of chargers for the Li-ion 18650 battery, you have no additional costs for the operation of the IR illuminator
  • on / off switch with indicator light


Technical parameters:


Emitter: Osram LED

IR wavelength: 940 nm

Beam divergence: 6 − 10 degree

Operating temperature range: -20 °С – +40 °С

Output voltage: 5 V

Battery type: 1x 18650

Lighting time: 2 hours continuously at maximum power, with reduced power the time is extended (4 hours at 50% power)

Dimensions & weight: weight: 175 g, length: 16.5 cm, outer diameter of the head: 3.6 cm, tube diameter: 2.5 cm




1x External IR LunaVision 940

1x Remote trigger with potentiometer for LunaVision

1x battery charger

1x instructions warranty card

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